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About the company

Company "Gordon's Innovations" D.O.O. is dealing with the production of electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment from its own innovative program.

The company is registered at the Agency for Business Registration, PIB 110971397, with headquarter in Nis, Nova Zeleznicka Kolonija 1/11.

The company's director is the innovator - Gordon Janicevic.

Gordon's Electronic Capsule

Gordon's Electronic Capsule (GEK001) is a brand new, revolutionary electromedical device whose main purpose is the rehabilitation of a complete human organism at the cellular level.

The capsule operates on the principle of emitting controlled electrons that are injected into the patient's body, eliminating all free radicals in the body and triggering the cell regeneration process.

GEK 001
Radical Electrons

Why electrons?

In order to come up with this kind of patent, it was necessary to carry out certain conclusions from the field of medicine, chemistry, physics, electronics, etc.

Namely, one of the most interesting topics of today is the frequency of diseases of the modern world caused by today's lifestyle, and above all inadequate nutrition, and the fact that insufficient intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants leads to the creation of FREE RADICALS in the body, which damage our cells, causing various diseases and conditions. As this is a rather topical issue, we often have the opportunity to hear in the media from the doctors, specialists from different fields of medicine, talking about the importance of balanced nutrition, such as, the consumption of as many ALCALINE nutrients as possible, and fewer ACIDIC nutrients, etc. However, despite the relatively active healthcare in raising the level of collective awareness on these facts, we are witnessing, unfortunately, an increasing number of patients with various diseases, including malignancies.

It is this fact that led the young innovator to explore this area in more detail, so that he came up with a revolutionary discovery.

First of all, it was necessary to understand why alcaline nutrients and antioxidants are good for our health, and why free radicals and acids are bad ones. We must, therefore, know how they behave.

Alcaline nutrients as well as antioxidants have excess electrons and they act as donors, while acidic nutrients and free radicals have a deficiency of electrons and they are electron acceptors. It is therefore essential to bring in alcaline nutrients, or antioxidants, which will neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals and acids on our cells. Why on the cells? Because the cell membrane is surrounded by electrons that make up its shield from external damage, and these damages are due to the action of free radicals that need a missing electron , and in the absence of sufficient alcaline nutrients or antioxidants, free radicals take electrons from our cells. When this happens, this cell is no longer completely healthy and our immune system recognizes it and has to replace it with a new cell. It is a complex process when our immune system carries out a huge job for our health, rejecting the damaged cells and creating new ones instead of them. The number of cells that are replaced with new ones are measured with hundreds of thousands at the daily level in healthy people, while in sick people this number is several times higher. It is well known that this principle also explains the process of aging, as well as the process of malignant diseases.

Capsule GEK Ordination GEK

Since all of these facts are well known in medicine, it should be also known something that is very obvious in this process, that is - the ELECTRON is a HEALTH ELIXIRE, and due to this inventor’s conclusion Gordon's Electronic Capsule is based on.

The young inventor made the prototype of Gordon's Electronic Capsule in 2014, after numerous testing, in 2018 he officially registered his patent at the Intellectual Property Protection Office in Belgrade, Serbia, while in the begining of 2019 the PCT application was submitted to WIPO.

The device produces controlled electrons, with such a charge and at such a frequency that our cells absorb them without any problem, while all free radicals in the body are neutralized.

Gordon's Electronic Capsule has a wide field of application in medicine, especially in the field of regenerative medicine, after cells damage by various causes - injuries of all kinds, stroke or heart attacks, malignancies, diabetes, etc.

About the innovator

Innovator Gordon Janićević, was born on December 2, 1978 in Berevce, Municipality of Štrpce, Kosovo and Metohija, where he grew up and finished primary and secondary education, while he obtained higher education in Sremski Karlovci at the Faculty of Management "FAM". Since 2003 he has been living and working in Niš.

Gordon has always considered that the purpose of human existence is not a mere maintenance of the species, but that each individual should contribute to the improvement of humanity and leave a trace in time for future generations.

In this regard, in 2014 he invented an entirely new way of treating various diseases at the cellular level, creating a prototype of Gordon's Electronic Capsule, and at the beginning of 2018, this invention was officially registered at the Institute for the Protection of Intellectual Property in Belgrade.

Although Gordon's Electronic Capsule is only the first officially registered patent, he has over one hundred, fully or partially developed patent ideas in its writings.

Gordon Janicevic